Accurate data

Thanks to artificial intelligence, data is constantly become more and more accurate. With more than 1.2 billion IP addresses in our database, IPWarner wants to offer the best possible quality of service.


With a 99.99% uptime, we provide unprecedented power and stability, with a low response time of our API. Servers are monitored to ensure stability and efficiency of delivery.

Detect VPN and Proxies

IPWarner also allows you to detect if an IP address comes from a VPN or Proxy that allows fraudulent activities, so you can block them for your application or website.

About IPWarner

IPWarner offers a complete API to find information about the IP address in question and whether it is trusted or not. In order to prevent fraud or block spam, this service is very useful for individuals and companies alike. Blocking VPN, proxies, hosts or any other form of address that could be harmful is something that is in high demand. IPWarner makes it easy to manage these cases.

The service offers the most affordable rates for efficiency, responsiveness and very precise information. Also, the system is easy to implement in all applications, websites or game servers.


Secured API

All requests on our API are secured through fast SSL encryption and unique API key on a server dedicated to your usage.

High Availability

The API benefits from high availability, ensuring 99.99% of the time access to IP address lookup data and redundancy in Europe and North America.


Our IP address databases contain millions of data and are updated regularly to provide the highest level of service accuracy.


The API key is available as soon as payment is made. It is possible to pay by PayPal or credit card on our secured platform.

Advantages of IPWarner VPN detector API
API and IP Lookup Features

IPWarner API allows you to have information about IP addresses (advanced IP lookup and finder system) with reputation detection (wrong IP address, VPN, Dedicated Server, VPS, Proxy or shared connection). Thus, it is possible to use the API service to check the IP of your users in the language you want, whether in PHP, C# or many others. Examples in PHP and C# languages are available in the API documentation. Connection to the API is fast and easy to implement in your applications, for efficient and fast use, with servers located in North America and Europe to ensure a short response time to suit the application or website using the API. Thus, multiple uses can be made of this. Whether for sites or applications of bitcoin faucets or other cryptocurrencies, to block malicious players from a game server or even to prevent fraud on your online store. The online API is easy to use and our agents are available to answer questions from the contact page.

why you have to chose us IPWarner offers a lot of advantages that others don't by providing
different and unique available features on our API
Best VPN detection

Independent user tests show that IPWarner offers greater accuracy in VPN detection, with a lower margin of error than the market average. In addition, the API also detects proxies, hosts and malicious IPs.

Offers adapted to needs

IPWarner offers are adapted to the needs. Whether you are a private individual, a small business or a large company, honest price offers are available to ensure that our customers' requests are met.

Fast Support,

In addition to taking advantage of our services, the IPWarner team is available to customers with specific requests, questions or problems regarding service from Monday to Friday.

Hundreds Of Happy,

Our goal is to always satisfy the customer by offering new features and working on our service on a daily basis to offer the best possible quality.

Frequently asked questionsWe have identified the most frequently asked questions in order to answer them as accurately as possible.
What is a bad IP address?

A bad IP address is an address that has a bad reputation. They are detected individually, but sometimes they can be detected by IP address block.

What are shared servers, priority servers and priority and unique servers?

Shared servers are the servers where we put clients in the same environment, on the same API instances, this is the cause of higher latency. Priority servers are privileged and reserved servers for people who make requests with their API and with the Essential subscription. The priority and unique servers are dedicated servers (8 to 16 redundancies) and all the power of the process and requests sent from the API are in a space that is not shared. This allows us to have a very low latency of our API and it also allows us to avoid the possible peaks of loads of our service, so you may detect vpn faster.

What are the possible use cases with your API?

Our API has been designed to be usable on many different platforms. It is mainly used on online shops to limit fraud, on game servers (AntiBot), on forum registrations to prevent spam and for Bitcoin faucets.

How do I receive my API key?

The API key is created automatically as soon as you acquire an offer. It is directly available on your My Account space. If you already had an API key (whether free or paid), your subscription will be effective on the key you already have, to avoid recreating another one. You can only have one key per user.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from your payment service at any time, without compensation. To cancel your subscription, delete your automatic renewal.

How can I optimize my requests?

You can cache your requests for several hours, especially to avoid sending too many requests and exceeding your subscription limit.